• Video: @mister_clips
  • @Tracksmag
  • #TracksRideGuide
  • Surfer: @Tyler_warren
  • Location: @Johns_place_mentawai
  • Music credit: @bobby_alu
  • Shaper: PANDA
  • Construction: greenOne by NOTOX
Ride this board if …
You are looking for a mid-length to be ridden 7-8 inches longer than you are tall depending on the feel you are after.
Under the hood …
NOTOX is an exciting technology that is tackling the issue of sustainable surfing head-on with innovative and ecologically friendly surfboard construction. The traditional surfboard generates around 6 kg of waste whereas a NOTOX surfboard produces only 1 kg of waste, 75% of which is recyclable. This is a stark contrast when you consider the number of boards manufactured annually. The Shiitake is not a shortboard, it’s a mid-length fish with performance built into it. It has a very classic outline carrying more width forward of center for paddle power and drives. When combined with a quad set-up it delivers drive and holds. Alternatively, we offer our Twinzer set-up to loosen the board up and allow tighter, easier turning.