ASB MAGAZINE: 34 year old Sunshine Coast entrepreneur Louise Dever  has launched Australia’s first locally-made fully eco-friendly, performance surfboard, NOTOX. Dever is focused on raising awareness about the potentially harmful practices in surfboard-making and bring governance to a largely unregulated industry. In late 2017, Dever met with the founders of NOTOX in France, recognising an opportunity to positively  impact the Australian surfing industry, and together they developed a business strategy to bring the surfboard brand to Australian shores. The first board will be made this month.

Ground-breaking design and materials – such as recycled EPS, flax, bio-sourced epoxy resin, and non-VOC cleaner  – are used to create NOTOX improve capabilities. NOTOX boards are lighter and easier to handle, while providing more resistance and better vibration absorption.

Thinking ethically doesn’t mean the NOTOX  boards  have eschewed a focus on technology and performance. NOTOX uses innovation to provide surfers with boards that reflect both their environmentally and socially-conscious values, and the respect they have for their world and all the people in it.

NOTOX boards are the only Australian made boards in the running to achieve Gold Level ECOBOARD, as listed by Sustainable Surf Organisation to be produced in Australia at scale (10 boards per week, increasing to twenty after six months) that are both performance and eco driven.

Dever’s passion for surfing  was  ignited four years ago after she suffered a minor stroke which left her partially blind in one eye. Surfing played a key role in her recovery during which time  she soon  realised the surfboards she and her children were using were not eco-friendly or sustainable spurring a desire to deliver a truly eco-friendly, high performance product that could also be custom-built at scale.

Dever is working towards providing boards for the 2020 Olympics and will be supplying NOTOX surfboards for the grand opening of the Surf Lakes wave pool in Yeppoon, in June 2018.


About NOTOX Surfboards Australia

NOTOX Surfboards Australia is the new generation of high performance surfboards that is both durable and eco-friendly, and the only Australian made board to be in the running to be named a Gold Level ECOBOARD, as listed by Sustainable Surf Organisation. (Confirmation of this is imminent.)

Manufactured on the Sunshine Coast, and established in 2018 by entrepreneur and environmental advocate Louise Dever, the exclusive distribution rights of the European surfboard brand have been secured for Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Indonesia.


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About Louise Dever

A serial entrepreneur, Louise Dever was awarded the 2017 Australian Leadership Excellence Award in the Sunshine and Fraser Coast region and was recognised as a finalist in the Sunshine Coast Business Woman of the Year Awards in 2014. Louise is also the founder of Eco Surf Supplies and will be supplying NOTOX surfboards for the grand opening of the Surf Lakes wave pool in Yeppoon, in June 2018.