Life is all about choices, my gentle friends – cause and effect. Some decisions, however, are harder than others. Some need a light to be shone on the facts, assisting you to make the BEST choice.

In a former life, I used to be a Financial Adviser. I know. This proves two things. Firstly, there is redemption for us all. Secondly, I like to give people the BEST advice. It’s in my DNA.

Allow me then to steer you through what, today, is a veritable miasma of marketing jargon and less than relevant facts. I will begin with a fact and then I will back it up with other facts. Simple, really.

Whilst the ‘new norm’ has become outlandish headlines, eco claims, and click bait, we like to rely on a few things as our backbone. Truths, facts, and the BEST surfboard we can make, sparing no expense.

It’s all about our flax.

The statement – ‘NOTOX boards are just BETTER’ – but why?  Let’s begin with the construction of a NOTOX board, or the ingredients, let’s say.

EPS Recycled Core. We have chosen to use Expanded Polystyrene blanks, which have a minimum of 75% recycled content. This is a fact, plain and simple. Given that the most toxic part – by a long way – of making a surfboard is the manufacturing of the blank, this is a huge step as far as being eco-friendly.

Many of you will now be saying “Uhhh, I don’t like Epoxy boards.” Allow me to clarify that for you. You don’t like the way traditional Epoxy boards ride. I get it, I hate them too. But our boards are different, better. That is another fact. It’s all about the FLAX.

Choice: NOTOX vs EPS/Epoxy boards = NOTOX wins

Bio Epoxy Resin. Why do we use Bio Epoxy Resin? To keep this simple and in perspective, the worst part of using normal polyester resins are the carcinogens released by the catalyst called MEKP – catchy name, huh? They are toxic to both the environment and those who come into contact with them. Giving off less, but still harmful amounts of chemicals are normal Epoxy Resin.

These harmful chemicals are referred to as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).  While those given off during normal Polyurethane construction would knock out a mountain gorilla (tested fact), the VOCs given off using our Bio Epoxy resins are zero. That’s right, zero.

We like to look after our staff, help save the world (sort of), AND make boards that are cool as flip.

Choice: NOTOX vs Mountain Gorilla being knocked out = NOTOX wins

Vac Bagging. This mysterious topic is very simple. We create a vacuum inside a bag which contains your surfboard (Shaped Blank + Flax + Bio Epoxy). This creates equal pressure on every surface of the board, evacuating unwanted air bubbles and creating a far greater, stronger bond between foam, flax, and resin.

The upsides of this are that we use less resin and the surfboard has a much higher strength-to-weight ratio. The end result for you is a seriously strong and light surfboard.

I can hear that voice again “But I hate Epoxy boards…” Hold your horses, I am getting to that bit.

NOTOX vs Epoxy Surfboards = NOTOX wins

It’s all about the flax.

What does flax do that fiberglass doesn’t and why is our flax BETTER?

  •  It’s lighter
  •  It’s 100% natural, renewable and produced sustainably
  •  It’s safer to handle and work with
  •  It provides greater longevity to the overall construction (lasts longer)
  •  It looks cool as flip

How does using flax instead of fiberglass affect your surf?

  •   Increased speed
  •  Greater response
  •  Has an enhanced ‘vibration dampening effect’
  •  Looks cool as flip

We don’t like to just use phrases like ‘vibration dampening effect’ without explaining them. As I have alluded to before, I dislike traditional Epoxy boards. I don’t like the ‘slap’ they have on the surface; they remind me of being on a boat.  After a few waves on a Flax board, I was sold. It felt as good to me as a nasty, toxic PU/Poly board, except a little lighter and apparently far stronger.

The normal ‘Epoxy slap’ was gone and all thanks to the ‘vibration dampening effect’.

 Why is NOTOX flax BETTER than others?

  •  It is not pre-impregnated
  •  It is the only FLAX in Australia that is Certified at 100 by OEKO TEX (global testing standard in raw and semi-finished fabrics)
  •  Sustainably produced
  •  Looks cool as flip

Great, but how does this affect your end decision? Are you still undecided?

Other reasons NOTOX is BETTER

  •  We care about the health of our workers as a company
  •  We make our surfboards locally
  •  Our surfboards are lighter, stronger and BETTER

And finally, let’s look at something that really makes your greatest decision an easy one. NOTOX surfboards last longer, meaning your favorite high-performance, sustainable stick (while not quite being a Phillipe Patek watch) will be around for a while longer than you might be used to.