Recycled EPS

Notox Surfboards use ENVIRO-FOAM EPS blanks made from recycled EPS regrinds and surfboard scraps. These recycled materials create a stronger board due to the tight fusion between the beads.


100% natural and renewable this woven fibre brings added flexibility, instant board response and increased speed while also absorbing vibrations.


Over a decade ago, Sicomin and NOTOX began to address the untapped potential of bio resins in the manufacture of sports equipment. Together the companies created a formulation that offers as little environmental impact as possible and supports greener production methods.

Sicomin’s GreenPoxy® 56 contains over 51% carbon content sourced from plant and vegetable matter and is used in the manufacture of the entire range of NOTOX greenOne® short boards, long boards, and the Korko board.

Non-volatile cleaners

To make 500 surfboards the surfboard industry uses 1.5 tons of acetone, a very volatile and harmful solvent, toxic for the shapers and our environment. Notox use only 100 kg of non-volatile solvent (non-VOC) which is harmless for shapers and our atmosphere.


Creating an environmentally ethical board does not mean there is any compromise on performance and technology. Throughout a decade of development Notox have successfully created boards that are light, easy to handle, resilient and vibration absorbing. These boards are designed to provide the best surfing experience possible.

Fair Price

We seek to leverage costs as much as possible to remain within an affordable price range for the majority of surfers.


All Notox Surfboards are Gold Level accredited by Sustainable Surf.

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