Right ho, time to get honest with yourself for a slice. Buying a surfboard will not save the planet. We haven’t printed it on a disclaimer, but maybe we should.

But there are still a few good reasons why you should consider purchasing one of our flax, recycled, Vacbagged wave sliding machines.

1 – Performance

We are not just another eco brand that wants to sell you our ‘okay’ boards that consider the environmental impacts of surfing. Our boards actually rip. They actually perform. We and our customers think they’re better than any other board out there.

We gave our greenOne to a self-confessed ‘flakey Byron ripper’ called Matt who hated Epoxy boards, he had one good surf and was on the verge of an epiphany, this is what happened next: https://surfbunker.com/blog/a-notox-green-one-tested

2 – Buy Now – Surf Later

Most of us are going to be out of the water until the Covid19 score is settled. Why not get prepared for the end of quarantine with a new stick? Buy now in time to surf later. Celebrate with style and order the BEST surfboard there is.
Due to the Covids, we wiping down anything leaving our warehouse and passing nothing on but stoke, helping you live longer and giving you the best in customer satisfaction.

3 – What other surfers are saying…

We have fully tested these boards on a bunch of rippers who all hated epoxy… they have all now ‘seen the light’. They have been turned to ‘the green side’ and ride a NOTOX greenOne.
Using flax to glass on epoxy has its benefits, one of which is to have a dampening effect on that usual ‘epoxy wave slap’ so many people complain about. Ten years in testing and nothing but glowing reviews, wild support and return customers.

4 – The Obvious – Eco

The environmental benefits of using recycled and less harmful materials are kind of obvious. And we delve further into the tech stuff next. What is not so obvious is the fact that our boards are made right here in Straya. Not imported, which actually dwarfs the chemicals given off during surfboard construction.

5 -Technical Stuff (Geek Time)

Blanks – Our recycled polystyrene blanks are made with up to 75% materials that would otherwise go in landfill.

Flax – NOT fiberglass. From a performance perspective, this has a huge effect on the way our surfboards perform. Two of the main advantages include the near-total elimination of the ‘Epoxy Slap’ and the responsiveness of the board allowing you to deploy maximum rail and increasing rebound off the bottom turn.

Vacuum Bagging – Invented by the Germans in the 1960s, this process removes layers of air in between the skins, optimises fibre-to-resin ratio and reduces humidity, along with harmful emissions. If it’s good enough for the aerospace industry, it’s good enough for us.

Shape – Underneath every great sports car is a great chassis, and we have gone to town with proven shapes that just work. Whatever you want to do on a wave, we have it covered in our extensive quiver.

Awards and Stuff – We are super stoked, maybe more than you, about our surfboards being awarded a ‘Gold Level’ Ecoboard Status by Sustainable Surf. This is actually a really difficult award to get and keep hold of.You can click here to read more about what is an Ecoboard.

6 – Conclusion

Have a peek outside your window and see if you think climate change is happening? Even Donald T is having a hard time convincing those with fewer brain cells than your good self.
We do care about the impact surfing is having on the environment, but don’t buy our boards thinking they will do the work of turning this ‘eco-disaster bus’ around. They might put some tread on the tyres, but the rest is up to you.

Starting in June 2020, you will be able to make custom orders of the greenOne. In the meantime, check out the full range we have, contact us with any questions and lookout for a lot more in the way of details coming soon…