We didn’t set out to be a ‘premium brand’, this was not our mission.

“We set out to make surfboards that, firstly, are as sustainable as they can be, secondly, have amazing performance characteristics with prolonged lifespan and thirdly, and most importantly, are just a lot better…”

We like to deal in just the facts here at NOTOX and the facts are that our surfboards while being superior, are a bit more expensive than your average piece of foam and fiberglass. Are those reasons justified? Let us have a go at explaining it.

We are not Millionaires (yet)

We would like to tackle this myth head-on. We are not one of the 1% just because we are an eco-brand, there is not (believe it or not) a great deal of money in the surfboard industry and

“The reason our surfboards are expensive is not to line our pockets.

Put simply, we use very, very good ingredients. With which we make you a very, very good surfboard. It’s really that simple.

If you will indulge me a few moments, I will endeavor to furnish you with some details…

The GreenOne Ingredients 

Bio Resin –

First off, our Bio Resin does not grow on trees, we can’t just nip down the local surf supplies shop and pick up a barrel. It has to be imported specially and we are the only surfboard manufacturer in Australia to make this extra effort. Why? Because we have done our research…

Sicomin Greepoxy56 is the ‘eco Rolls Royce’ of BioResins, made with 51% carbon content from plant and vegetable origins, this is as good as it gets. But, as we like to tell you, this resin is not just good for the environment, it performs too.

“It has tough, strong and durable bonding properties and also has a high flexible yield that makes it such a good fit for our surfboards.”

We go above and beyond, but as we say, it is relatively expensive, more than twice as expensive as normal Epoxy. You are welcome.

Flax –

There is so much to know about flax, enough even for a whole other article, so we will be brief here. We import our flax especially from Belgium and again, it is expensive and there is a reason for this.

With the flax we use, there are absolutely no chemical processes that this ‘wonder-material’ has to go through. Flax is a living, growing material that takes around 100 days from planting to harvest.

Flax takes 5 times less energy to produce than fibre glass, 20 times less than carbon fibre and what’s more, it’s light, roughly half the weight of traditional glass fibre.

So it’s by far the best ‘eco choice’ for us.

Now for the performance. It’s a known fact that Epoxy surfboards can suffer with rigidity issues. This creates unwanted vibrations that can (in the real world) give a surfboard a ‘lumpy’ or ‘slappy’ feel to them. A light on-shore can create open ocean chop that can drastically change the performance of an Epoxy surfboard.

“The flax that we use actually absorbs vibrations as a side effect and transforms the hull harmonics to provide a smoothing sensation.”

Your ‘Parkinson cutback’ will be smoother than a baby’s bottom.

So that’s, lighter, stronger, smoother and substantially more eco-friendly. It also carries the OekoTex stamp of approval which means

“all workers involved in the production process have been treated well and paid fairly.”

As we all know, you can’t make a Bellini without some good Prosecco.

Good ingredients cost more, plain and simple.”

Made in Australia –

We have big hearts here at Notox and we like to look after those who choose to work making the BEST surfboards in Australia. That’s why everyone involved has the proper clothing and protection, the ingredients we use are not only better for Mother Earth but a lot better for our shapers, glassers, polishers and even our tea-boy (who sometimes makes Bellini’s).

“Our surfboards are made by local people who earn a fair wage and can put good food on the table for their families. For us this is just the way things should be.”

Fair Price

We Seek to costs as much as possible to remain within an affordable scope of price for the majority of surfers, while ensuring the best quality of materials


NOTOX surfboards are expensive because they are BETTER.  That’s the long and the short of it.

– Better for the environment
– Better for employees
– Better for you the surfer

As I have said above, we did not set out to be ‘Premium’, it was just a side effect of making the best surfboard we know how without compromise.

Right ho, got to dash. We have a meeting in the Penthouse, my private jet is waiting and my Bellini is getting warm…

P.S A Bellini is a swanky cocktail made from just:

1- Ridiculously good quality Prosecco (which is Italian Sparkling Wine) [2 parts]

2 – Peach Puree [1 Part]