A NOTOX greenOne® – Tested

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For those of you who know me, the mere mention of an Epoxy board is enough to get me rolling my eyes in disgust, and usually followed by some diatribe about them being kook machines, who’s ever won a world title on one?*, they’re a bitch to fix etc etc. I’ve ridden epoxy boards. Twice in fact, and they’ve hit me in the face on both occasions. And I’ve done one good turn on them, so that’s that to be honest.

NOTOX surfboards have the Eco Answer

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We have to praise and embrace the eco and sustainable movement that’s happening all around us, how ever weird and bizarre, even the concepts that look unusual to what we might be accustomed to. This is especially true within the surfing industry and in particular the materials used to make surfboards, which are highly toxic and mostly non-recyclable.

Winter Swell 2016

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Promotional film for Notox. An innovative French surf brand creating a new generation of ecological boards. Client: Green Waves – Notox Production: Jablon Productions Production Coordinator: Lucas Levézac (Notox) Camera: Toma Jablon & Pierre Pomiers (Notox) Edit & Graphics: Toma Jablon visit NOTOX.FR