NOTOX Korko – Tested

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A quote from Notox Surfboards… KORKO: the first eco surfboard, making surf easier. KORKO is the world first affordable surfboard made of sustainable materials and designed to be easy. I’m beyond stoked for this review and I can’t begin to explain how blown away I am from the surfboard concept from Notox Surfboards known as the Korko! It’s a cork surfboard, yup, you read correctly, cork!! That stuff that keeps old fancy wine from spilling out on the cellar floor!

NOTOX Korko Surfboard review

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Having gotten our hands on a board that has been a long time on our ‘want list’ from NOTOX surfboards, we thought it would be a sensible idea to throw out what we thought in another video review. The KORKO, as you have probably guessed, is made at least in part of cork. It is the brainchild of the very cool guys at NOTOX who have had this idea in development for a long while, we were all very stoked to have the chance to test it in different conditions and report back to you, our long-suffering audience. NOTOX KORKO : 6’0 x 21 3/4 and about 49 litres.

NOTOX ecology applied to board sports

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PRESS RELEASE 1 Context Today, exists a big gap between the eco-friendly image returned by gliding sports and reality of its own industry. In spite of the growing awareness of the Surf community, Surf industry is reluctant to invest on surfboards manufacturing (which makes less profit than surf-wear divisions). This led us to create the NOTOX project, which aims to bring real innovative « green » solutions to surfboards production problems.