Why does Queensland make the best surfboards?

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Why does Queensland make the best surfboards? Right ho, time to get honest with yourself for a slice. Buying a surfboard will not save the planet. We haven’t printed it on a disclaimer, but maybe we should. But there are still a few good reasons why you should consider purchasing one of our flax, recycled, Vacbagged wave sliding machines.

NOTOX surfboards have the Eco Answer

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We have to praise and embrace the eco and sustainable movement that’s happening all around us, how ever weird and bizarre, even the concepts that look unusual to what we might be accustomed to. This is especially true within the surfing industry and in particular the materials used to make surfboards, which are highly toxic and mostly non-recyclable.

How to improve your surfing sustainability

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How to make your carbon footprint in the sand just a little smaller. Surfing isn’t exactly high in the sustainability stakes, but there are still of plenty of better options to make your surfing impact less on our planet. Eco Sleds We all need surfboards, but their manufacture comes with some heavy environmental issues. Fibreglass surfboards are made by covering polyester resin over polyurethane foam...

Sicomin and NOTOX form a sustainable synergy

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Bio resins continue to grow in popularity and manufacturers are keen to offer customers products that deliver environmental benefits with high-performance results. French surfboard producer, NOTOX, is striving and succeeding to introduce sustainable products into their production processes.