How to choose my KORKO

Excited to buy your first board but you don’t know how to choose it? Choosing your first surfboard can be made easy, you just have to take in consideration some aspects.

The most traditional way to choose your surfboard is to start with a long, wide and thick surfboard. This will increase the number of waves you catch, which in turn makes you feel you are progressing. A board that is too short or too light will not help you to progress because the number of waves you catch decreases. It is better to start with a large board that is wide, the wider the better. Width provides stability when paddling and a larger surface area to push up from when about to pop up on your take off.

Surfboards are measured in feet, inches and litres. Feet are used to describe the length. Inches describes the width and also the thickness (height) of the board. And finally, litres describes the volume of the board. Which is typically calculated by multiplying the length x width x height.

Which NOTOX KORKO is right for you? Use the diagram below to help you to decide.

choose korko