The hybrid shortboards are designed for beginners to advanced surfers. The hybrids are versatile and functional for the everyday surfer. With the low rocker combined with the width and thickness of the board, the hybrid allows you to get into waves with ease, and keep you flying down the line, right through the fat sections with little effort. Depending on your level you can ride these boards 3” – 6” inches shorter than your height.

The BOUMGA is THE hybrid shortboard for small waves. It has an unmatched ability to fit turns in the pocket in small conditions.

Notox Boumga

The BULLFISH is a super versatile and fun performance fish that will work in a wide range of conditions.

Notox BullFish

The MODFISH is an ultra-modern fish. It will give you the speed of a fish combined with the responsiveness of a performance surfboard.

Notox ModFish

The NEOTWIN is a modern fish and a very versatile weapon to add to your quiver.

Notox NeoTwin