Our Longboard range is designed to suit every taste. From the classic use toward the noseriding to the high performance surfing for the most committed surfers.

The CLASSIC NOSERIDER is designed for a classic use of longboard, with a deep spoon under the nose to hold long hang-five or hang-ten

Notox Classic Noseride

The VERSATILE NOSERIDE is a longboard which guarantee maximum pleasure in all conditions … waves or yours!

Notox Versatile Noseride

The MODERN NOSERIDE is a high performance noserider for all!

Notox Modern Noseride

The PRORIDE NOSERIDE is for experienced surfers and permits to hold endless noseriding on point breaks.

Notox ProRide Noseride

The PRORIDE SPEED is designed for experienced surfers. It is dedicated for point breaks or fast beach breaks. Speed and control are its assets.

Notox ProRide Speed

The PRORIDE BEACH is designed for experienced surfers. Suitable for beach breaks, it combines a modern and classic surfing in all sorts of conditions.

Notox ProRide Beach