What is the NOTOX KORKO?

The World’s most affordable ecological surfboard designed to make surf industry happier for everyone involved.
Essentially made of cork, the KORKO is designed for beginners to advanced surfers who want to have fun while taking more risk, comfortably.

The KORKO will delight the whole family and surf schools.


These soft boards have a surface 100% covered with raw cork, making for a soft impact if one was to occur. The main core is made of waterproof and recyclable polystyrene. The central flexural strength is made of mix composite between flax and bio-epoxy. Compared to the standard ‘foamie’, the KORKO is firmer in its structure and will not bend. This firm structure makes the KORKO the most responsive soft board in the World. The combination of all these composites gives birth to an ecological soft board unique in the world. This engineering achievement by NOTOX leaves surfers all over the world scratching their heads and wondering ‘HOW?’

Why choose a KORKO surfboard?

KORKO is the most affordable ecological board in the world!
The cork ensures a perfect grip on the entire board from the tail to the nose, so no time is wasted on waxing up your board.
The cork layer offers a better resistance to bumps and collisions making it easily repairable. A major collision can be fixed by cutting a piece of cork sheet to shape and simply sticking this piece of cork over the impact and sanding it once the glue has dried.
Cork Oak is a very traditional, natural and sustainable material. A popular use of cork is as nonslip flooring in homes. Cork is durable under sun and heat, making the KORKO the most durable and long-lasting soft board on the market.

The Standard KORKO comes on 3 different sizes and designed for beginners to intermediate surfers


The KORKO Pro is a custom shape softboard created to fulfilled the needs of intermediate to advanced surfers